reflections after 6 months with miranda

My beautiful daughter, Miranda, is 6 months old today, and that has caused me to stop, think, and reflect on a few things I’ve been learning over those 6 months…

1. My time is not my own.  In fact, my life is not my own.  My body is not my own.  Nor do those things belong to Miranda; ultimately they belong to the One who created us both.  I am not entitled to a full night’s sleep or (what I consider to be) a reasonable length naptime to get things done.  I may not be able to foresee what my day will look like or accomplish all I hope or plan to do in that day – in fact, I probably will not.  But those things are not my rights, and they are not necessary.

2. We are given many unmerited gifts full of much grace and beauty.  God did not have to grant me an awesome husband or bless us with a precious daughter, let alone a daughter as joyful and fun as Miranda.  I’m having a blast being her mother.

3. The process matters.  Eventually, Miranda will learn how to sleep through the night.  She’ll learn to crawl and to walk, to read and to write.  But it matters how those things happen.  Does she learn them in the context of the loving and caring presence of her parents?  Does she know she can safely explore these new arenas of the world as they open up to her, because she is secure in the relationships she has with her mommy and daddy, who are there with her? 

4. I need to keep my calling and priorities in line, now more than ever.  There will be more demands on and requests for my time than I could possibly fulfill.  I am called first to live as a child of God, second as a wife to Matt, third as a mom to Miranda, and then to be a friend and family member and serve within our church and the world around us.  At any given moment, I could list 10 or 20 exciting and wonderful things I’d love to do someday – and someday I may be given opportunities to be a part of some of those things.  It’s good to dream, but I want to focus first on who and what God has called me to be right here and now and live that out.

5. There is a lot of gray in this world of parenting.  I feel so much more capable of navigating my way through clear-cut blacks and whites, but that’s not the world in which God has placed me.  No matter the question, be it about the birth process, sleep, schedules, school, or anything else, there are experts who will support any position and experts who hold the diametrically opposite point of view.  I have to do my research and pray but then act, stepping forward in faith, doing the best I can to honor God in what I choose to do.

Now to get some sleep and prepare for the next 6 months!

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  1. I can’t believe what a perfect mix of you and Matt she is! Enjoy your bundle of “joy,” and keeps the blogs coming!!!

    Love you guys!

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