a visit from old friends

One of my good friends has a son who is a very good swimmer. When Matt and I lived in Chicagoland, I spent many evenings and weekends watching Stephen (and Natalie, in her pre-coaching days) swim or helping Tammy to serve at meets. Stephen was swimming in a meet here in Columbia this past weekend, so 2/3 of their family made the trip down to Missouri, and we were thankful for the opportunity to spend a bit of time with them!

I’m struck by the fact that spending time with old friends is, for me, always something of a jarring experience. It causes me to reflect on where I was – and who I was – during the period of our friendship’s development and how things have changed (or not) since then. I find hundreds of hypothetical “what if” scenarios running through my mind – what if I still lived there? Who would I be? What would I be doing? What if this or that had gone differently in our relationship? I wonder…

I think what I’ve concluded is that it’s much more fruitful to reflect on the evidences of what God has done and is doing than to ponder the innumerable hypotheticals. This is how God has chosen to work and what He has chosen to do, and there is much cause for rejoicing and gratitude in that.

I was particularly blessed by the hours that Tammy’s two little girls spent here with us while she was watching Stephen swim (we concluded that the price of admission + the reality of taking 3 small children to a swim meet might not make that a worthwhile venture). Glendy and Larissa are very sweet, and we all, including – and probably especially – Miranda, enjoyed our time with them.

As a former violinist myself, it’s always fun for me to hear Glendy play the very same songs I once learned.

Miranda, as I expected, was totally captivated by Glendy playing the violin…

…at least for a little while 🙂 Then she was quite happy to help Larissa work on a puzzle!

Several times today Miranda has gone to look out the window to see if she can see her “fwiends.” She has been talking about them and asking to see pictures of them all day – I think that’s sufficient evidence that she enjoyed her time with the girls!

And Matt and I enjoyed the little girls’ presence here partly because they were sweet and fun and entertaining – but also because it gave us a glimpse into what our lives could look like several years down the road with three (or more :)) little ones of our own all running around our house and playing together. We’re very much looking forward to that!

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