As a relational introvert, I enjoy quiet contemplation but also the opportunity to share my thoughts and dialogue with others, and it was out of that juxtaposition that this blog was born in 2010. Here I reflect on life and faith and keep out-of-state family somewhat informed about the latest exploits of our adorable children.

This blog has chronicled the life of our firstborn, Miranda; shared the ins and outs of our journey to adopt Madeleine CaiQun from China; borne witness to the addition of our baby, Atticus; and recorded the steps of our adoption of Aliya ChenFang from China.

I’m a lover of books and am very much enjoying home-schooling my children and learning alongside them. I did my undergraduate work at Northwestern University, and though I am now the teacher instead of the student, I find the learning just as compelling.

My wonder at the world around me has only increased since I became a follower of Christ in 2001, and I find myself on a journey of following Him in loving big, whether that’s with my husband and children or others God places in my path. We enjoy spending being a part of our church and the art community in our little city and are thankful God drew us to this place in which we’d never have imagined we’d be spending our days.

I’m honored that you’re here, and I hope you’ll stick around and say hi!