While our world is a beautiful place, there is also much wrong in it, and we want to do what we can to be part of the good in the world, those who look outward from themselves and love and serve others.

Put another way, we want to be part of the vision Micah 6:8 sets forth: “He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?”

One glaring issue facing us today is the number of children worldwide who are living without families, without a mom or a dad to tuck them in at night, to smile when they walk into a room, to provide them with the physical necessities of life but also the love and care that every person deserves simply by virtue of being human.

We also believe that God is passionate about adoption – in fact He describes His relationship with us as one of an adoptive Father with His children.

Matt and I love children, and we love parenting, and we believe that one way we can be part of the good in the world is by bringing children who do not have a family into our family. We can be a family for them, and not just can we do that, but it is a joy for us to do so. All of our children, whether biological or adopted, are treasures to us, and we are humbled by this precious experience of being their parents.

We adopted Madeleine CaiQun from China in 2013, and in 2016, we adopted Aliya ChenFang from China!