A few weekends ago, Matt was out of town for a few days. Among other things, the girls and I bundled up and went with some friends to see the Mizzou homecoming parade.


While Matt was away, I also used some, shall we say, creative strategies to entertain the girls, one of which was to suggest at one point that we all pretend to be cats and walk around saying “meow.” Another time we all pretended to be ducks and said, “quack, quack!” to each other for a while. Out of this experience has come a narrative from Miranda in which she explains that she and I are cats, while CaiQun and Matt are ducks, and both girls sometimes substitute the animal’s sound for the name of the animal. CaiQun has embraced this story even more fully than Miranda and now often asks me to call her “little quack.” For instance, I’ll ask her whether she’s done eating lunch, and her response will be, “Mama, say, ‘Are you done eating, little quack?'”

And this week has brought another new – and entertaining – development in the story. The other day at lunch, one of the girls turned to me and asked, “Mom, where’s our other quack?” I was momentarily confused until I realized what they meant.

“Oh, you mean Daddy? Our other duck?”

“Yeah!” they responded, “Mei mei is a quack, and Daddy is our other quack!”

Matt and I are both highly amused šŸ™‚

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  1. I am enjoying your blog so much. It is fun to read and see how the girls are growing up. Nancy (Your Texas Cousin)

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