an unconventional way to pursue adoption funding?

Recently I came across an advertisement for Aldi’s baby photo contest. Normally we don’t participate in things like this, but as I read through the rules and saw that the grand prize cash would be enough to cover the outstanding costs of our adoption, it seemed like the timing could be providential as we continue to work toward getting our adoption fully funded. It would definitely be an unconventional way to fund the costs of an adoption! And it would certainly be a long shot. But the Bible is full of stories of God working in unconventional, long-shot ways to accomplish His plans for His people. It’s possible He’d work through this to help us bring our little girl home.

If you’d like to help us, please vote as much as you can, up to once per day, every day through June 29th, for the photo we submitted of our little Atticus. You can do so by clicking right here.

I think you have to admit he is a cutie 🙂


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