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For anyone out there who is wondering about the status of all-things-adoption for us, we are…waiting. The agency we’d most like to work with requires that we send in a pile of paperwork (including some from our doctor) with our initial application to work with them, so Matt and I both saw our doctor last week and are waiting for his call that he has all of our paperwork ready for us to pick up, so that we can get it in the mail. If you are a person who prays, please pray that he fills all of it out clearly and favorably and that our first choice agency accepts us 🙂 I’ll keep you posted, and hopefully next time I’ll have actual information, not just a report that we are waiting…though I think most of the adoption process actually consists of waiting, so there will probably be more posts along these lines!

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  1. HI hope your application process goes well for you. After the initial basic physical exam info, there is another longer more in depth form for your dossier. (at least in our case, with our agency). We are with Holt and we LOVE LOVE LOVE them (I cannot say that enough…we adore both the China Team in Oregon, and our NJ branch) We have been matched with our daughter who has a special need. We applied at Easter of 2011. we were matched on Sept. 30th, and we hit bumps in the paper work road but finally were DTC (Dossier to china) on 1/27/12. Now we wait an average of 5 to 9 months to get TA (travel approval) Anyway, blessings to you on your app process. The beginning of a wonderful, long, hard, awesome journey!!!!

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