Baby #3 update

Things are progressing here with our Baby #3! You may recall that with this second pregnancy, my baby bump was beginning to make a clear appearance by 12 weeks. It has continued to grow and can be seen here at 14 weeks…


…and here at just shy of 19 weeks.


We’re all looking forward to our upcoming morphology ultrasound, when we hope to find out if this little one is a boy or girl! I’ve been feeling him or her moving around for a few weeks now, which is always fun 🙂 My nausea has also been increasingly subsiding, which greatly increases my enjoyment of pregnancy! I’ve had some crazy heartburn this time around, but my doctor had some recommendations that are really helping.

Matt and I are continuing to talk with the girls about what life will be like once our baby makes its appearance. Our friends Jaylyn and Jonah have been super indulgent, letting us visit them and their new baby, Judah, and allowing us to watch him for a couple hours one evening for a reality check to complement our theoretical discussions 🙂


Miranda is particularly intent on discussing babies and motherhood with Jaylyn…


…and likes to see how her baby measures up to baby Judah.


We of course love baby Judah for himself, as well – he really is a cutie pie 🙂 And it has been so fun over the last few weeks to see him keep his eyes open more and start to make more intentional movements!


But in addition to enjoying him, we have been greatly blessed by our time hanging out with him and his parents and “practicing” for having a baby around. I think there will be some challenges all around, but overall, we are looking forward to it!

In general, I am far more laid back with this process of adding a third child to the family than I was with either of my first two. Whatever happens, I’m confident that it will all work out 🙂 I just need to make sure I get the car seat out of the attic sometime before our baby arrives…and we need to come up with a girl name in case this little one is going to be adding to the gender imbalance in our family! We’ll find out soon, and we’ll keep you posted 🙂

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