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Sometimes I feel like I should wait to write here until I have something of grand significance to share with anyone who might stumble across this space. I’m realizing more and more, though, that often times, the significant is built out of collections of small moments. I’ve been trying – with varying degrees of success – to take a step back, not to always be focused on what I need to check off my to do list (though of course there’s a place for that too) – and to grow in prioritizing enjoying time with Miranda.

And so, tonight I bring you a collection of moments 🙂

First we have family puzzle date night. Actually it took us several evenings to put this together, but we had a good time! Miranda especially enjoyed the fireworks.

One of Miranda’s and my regular post-nap activities is building a tower out of the blocks we keep in her room.

I think this is one of my favorite photos ever. Just look at that adorable little girl having a blast in the leaves! The last place we lived had one tiny little tree in the yard, so not only was she so much younger last year, but the yard didn’t exactly create an environment epitomizing a glorious midwestern fall experience. This year – wow! The day I took this photo Miranda and I raked 4 giant garbage bags full of leaves, and when Matt came home that evening, he didn’t believe me that we’d raked the front yard, as it was still covered in leaves. It’s glorious!

Another thing Miranda and I enjoy is working in the kitchen together. Here she is helping me make energy balls

…and then of course sampling some of our favorite ingredients!

Despite the fact that the Mizzou Homecoming parade started at 7:00 a.m. this year (what were they thinking?!?), Miranda and I actually got out of bed (in the dark) and got bundled up and left our house at 6:45 a.m. (still in the dark) to go meet my friend Brooke to see the parade. There are no pictures of us actually at the parade (well, I think Brooke may have one, but I don’t) – I tried to take one of Miranda bundled up in the car, but it was so dark it just looked all black – and once we were there, it was so cold that I was hesitant to take off my gloves to try to get a photo. However, I did snap a photo of Miranda wrapped up in a blanket and snuggling with Matt and telling him all about it when we returned home!

Last, but certainly not least, play-dough has brought much joy to our home recently! While I’ve been uploading these photos here, Miranda has been sitting in her high chair and making tunnels, spaghetti, and various other play-dough creations.

I’m enjoying spending time with my little girl (and my awesome husband :)) this fall!

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