first day of school!

Matt’s semester started today, so I decided to start school with the girls, as well – our first official day of school ever! I tried to get a good “first day of school picture,” but despite my (100 or so) valiant attempts, there is not a single really good photo in the bunch. The girls are rather obsessed with saying, “One, two, three, cheese!” every time I try to snap a picture, but they don’t yet possess the ability to coordinate with one another, nor do they realize that they’re actually supposed to look at the camera on “cheese,” so you can imagine the difficulty of getting a nice posed photo. This is probably the best one we got!



After our 30 minutes of photo attempts, we got down to business 🙂 We did our Bible reading for the day and read several of our school books. Then we got started on the only element of school that is really new for the girls at this point – the workbooks for Miranda. I set CaiQun up with some coloring pages and colored pencils, and Miranda and I sharpened some pencils and got to work on her first pre-school workbook. (For more information about the curriculum we’re using, see this post.) For our first day, we learned about the color red, the number 0, and the letters A and B. She loved it, though she’s not used to needing to wait and follow directions (as opposed to coloring all over the place however she’d like). She was so proud of herself for learning and working on new skills.



I can tell I’m going to need to be a bit more strategic in what I have CaiQun do while I am working more specifically with Miranda. I think she felt rather left out, and while I believe it’s appropriate for her to encounter the reality that she is not the center of the universe and cannot have my attention at all times, I also need to be sensitive to her background and strong need for compassionate parenting strategies. I’m hoping that even a small adjustment of having her sit next to me (instead of across the table from where Miranda and I are working) will be helpful.

We were done with our school work before 11:00, so we took a walk down to the playground in our neighborhood, which was really nice. I’m hoping to be able to finish our work early enough to have a fun outing or even just a good amount of play time at home before lunch pretty regularly. In particular, though, I think it’s good for all of us to get out and get a bit of exercise, and the girls seem to nap more easily on days when they’ve had the opportunity to expend some energy outside of the house.



Overall, I consider the day a resounding success! We were up close to my target wake-up time. We got in some good reading and some good workbook time and had good conversations as we worked through both. Miranda seemed to enjoy her workbook time, and she caught on quickly to new skills it was introducing. And the girls both enjoyed our time reading on the couch together. Plus we were done at a fairly reasonable time and able to get out and enjoy the nice day! Overall, it seems like the structure I’ve envisioned for us will work pretty well, and it seems like the girls will be able to learn and have a good time, and I definitely enjoyed it! I’m looking forward to many more days of home-schooling 🙂

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  1. and don’t the girls look cute in those clothes:)  glad the day went so well.  both little m’s have some adjusting to do.  glad miranda liked the workbook stuff so well, though.

    went to bed a little later last night:)

    love, love, mom


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