grace upon grace (AKA Miranda Grace can read!)

Did you know that teaching my children to read was what intimidated me most about home-schooling? I reasoned that once they knew how to read, everything else would follow, but if I couldn’t teach them to read, the results would be disastrous – and I wasn’t sure how to teach anyone to read.

This morning was not our best – nothing major, just an accumulation of small issues and delays, and by lunch time, this mama was glad that nap time was right around the corner! However, Miranda did not fall asleep – something that happens maybe once or twice a week these days. I set her up in the guest room with some books to look at and finished up my work day and then went in to snuggle with her. Though I would prefer that she nap – for her sake and mine – we try to make the best of these days when it doesn’t happen!

I’ve been using those times to read with her and work with her on sounding out words and her own reading, and the other day it occurred to me that I should actually pull out our Bob books from the girls’ room so that we could use those. That would probably be easier than trying to explain all the odd rules of the English language that come into play in even just the title of books like If You Give a Pig a Pancake! Today we lay in bed together, and my little girl read two of the books to me, recognizing more and more words as we went along and sounding out any she didn’t know!

She’s always been a book-lover, and we love that about her 🙂

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And now she’s growing up and reading books all by herself! She proudly read her books to Matt when he got home from work, too, and she announced this evening at dinner, “Mom, I’m getting close to an adult since I read now!”

I am so thankful for this girl and her joy in reading and her growing ability to read on her own.


Grace upon grace.

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