Growing Again!

Oh, how I’ve missed this space! It has been almost 2 months since I have written here. There just has not been space for writing, because I’ve been spending as much time as possible sleeping; spending many of my waking hours lying on the couch, attempting to parent our kiddos from there; figuring out how to keep my family well fed without thinking about food, leaving the house, or doing any cooking; and figuring out how to stave off my own nausea by eating something substantial every 90 minutes or so, also without thinking about food or doing any cooking. It has been a challenge!

But it’s all for good reason 🙂 Lord willing, we will be welcoming baby #3 to our family late November or early December!


Even though our short-term experience of pregnancy has been less than pleasant, Matt and I are very excited to welcome this new little person into our lives 🙂 Both of our girls are excited, as well. Miranda has been thrilled with the idea from the very beginning. Madeleine CaiQun has taken a little bit longer to warm up to it – she has been consistently excited about the idea of being a big sister but less thrilled about the necessity of there actually being a younger sibling in order for that to occur. As the weeks have gone on, though, and we’ve talked more and more about pregnancy and fetal development and babies and what types of things big sisters can do, she’s become increasingly happy about the baby, as well.

Both girls will talk to just about anyone who will listen about the baby in mommy’s womb, and they are also pretending to be pregnant themselves with great frequency. CaiQun usually just has one baby in her belly, occasionally two. Miranda is much more ambitious – she often claims to be pregnant with quintuplets (3 girls, 2 boys) and has occasionally told us that she has as many as 102 babies in her belly. I’ve tried to explain that it doesn’t really work that way- that 5 is rare and very complex, though it does happen, but 102 is really impossible – but she just looks at me as if I am crazy and says, “Mom, that’s just how my womb works.” She can often be heard to remark, though, “These babies are wearing me out!” You’ll never guess where she heard that one 🙂

While I am still worn out and nauseous, now that we’re at the end of the first trimester, I think we’re starting to see some light. I’m not as exhausted, and if things progress similarly to how they did for me with my pregnancy with Miranda, my nausea should start to decrease some within the next month or so. And we’ve been so blessed by both family and friends during these last couple months. My mom has come 3 times and my dad once, and when Matt was gone for 6 days at a conference, my brother David came to stay with me for the entire time and help out. All of them entertained Miranda and CaiQun, provided food, did some cleaning, and were just generally helpful. I’ve had friends pick up take-out and drop it off and come over and play with my kids. Other friends have delivered meals, and one even cleaned my bathroom after I mentioned that I just was not getting to tasks like that. And of course Matt has completely stepped up to the plate in every way, taking over household tasks and errands that I usually handle (cooking, dishes, grocery store, etc), getting the girls up and dressed most mornings so that I can sleep longer, and generally doing everything he can to be helpful. We’re making it through. And baby is beginning to make his/her presence known, other than just through nausea 🙂

the baby bump at 12 weeks
the baby bump at 12 weeks

We’re excited that you’re here and can’t wait to meet you, little one 🙂

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