Heaviness, Choosing Joy, and the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

It has been a heavy week at our house. My mom’s boss – but, more than that, her friend – died completely unexpectedly on Tuesday night of a heart attack. I hadn’t spent much time with him myself, but he was always friendly and kind in the few interactions I did have with him, and more than that, I loved him and his family for enfolding my mom into their lives with genuine grace and care. His death followed closely on the heels of the death of the father of my best friend from high school the prior week, also of a heart attack, also completely unexpected. And I sit in the knowledge that it was only 7 months ago that I was the one calling 9-1-1, and our outcome could have been much different, and I am humbled by that, and my heart is broken for my friends and family whose loved ones did not make it.

And all of that was happening as we were sharing about the matching grant we’d just received (and then working to resolve the technical difficulties associated therewith). And in only a couple days, the donations have started coming in, and I find myself rejoicing, because each one brings us one step closer to being able to pay all of the final costs associated with the adoption of our next daughter. And yet as I rejoice, I also feel the weight of that blessing. We have friends and family members who are truly giving sacrificially, and receiving those gifts is so humbling. I want to do all that I can to honor them and their contributions in our journey.

And in the midst of that weight, we are parenting our three precious kiddos, and we are choosing to pursue joy – not because we want to pretend the pain of loss does not exist,  but because, as this poem I love states so beautifully, “We must risk delight…We must admit there will be music despite everything.”

Yesterday was the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, celebrated in China with importance second only to Chinese New Year. As the girls have gotten older, we’ve tried to incorporate increasingly more Chinese culture into our family’s life, and so, while I’m not sure we’d enjoy traditional moon cakes, we decided to make moon cake cookies together. The kids and I made the dough yesterday!


And then today we had stir fry and ate with chopsticks for dinner…


…and used our new amazing cookie molds and all worked together to make the cookies!




We thought they turned out pretty well, and they were yummy, too!


We read a bit about the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, went outside and actually looked up at the moon, and generally enjoyed our evening together 🙂


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