How We're Celebrating Independence Day Today

One big thing we are doing to celebrate Independence Day today is perhaps not typical of 4th of July celebrations occurring around the country.

You see, I’ve been following this blog for a while now. Its initial appeal to me was that its writer shares stories and thoughts about trans-racial adoption. When you don’t have local, in-real-life mentors, you find them where you can, and that often means looking to the Internet!

She also covers other topics, though, and she was recently invited to travel to Southeast Asia to learn about sex trafficking with Exodus Road, an organization working to end sex slavery and free its captives. While there and since she has returned, she has been sharing about she encountered there, what Exodus Road does, the difference between sex trafficking and sex tourism, what the lives of prostitutes are like, and what after-care looks like for victims of sex trafficking.

And today she is inviting us, on this Independence Day, to help bring freedom to those who need it.

Matt and I aren’t rich. I did, after all, marry an artist 🙂 We’re still paying off student loan debt (and a car and a house). We have a new baby on the way (and we’d love to start saving for another adoption soon). And yet we feel like we have money to stop at Starbucks for a coffee, to go out for an occasional date night, and to sign our girls up for gymnastics classes. If we can set aside $35 a month for coffee or going out to eat or other “luxury” goods for ourselves, we feel like we should also be able to set aside $35 a month for work like this.

We’re generally informed and are aware of what signs might be indicators of sex slavery or slavery of other types in America. It’s possible that through that knowledge, we will someday be a part of helping someone in our own country gain his or her freedom, but chances are slim. This is something concrete that we can do that we believe is allowing us to be part of the solution.

Would you consider joining us and others as part of this endeavor, as well? If so, you can go to Kristen’s site and follow the instructions she gives there.

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