made it to Guangzhou

We finally made it to Guangzhou. Phew.

We met in the lobby of our Zhengzhou hotel at 10:00 a.m. and made it to the airport before 11:00 a.m. for our 12:50 p.m. flight to Guangzhou, which was to be about 2 hours long – doesn’t sound bad, right?

Well…our flight was delayed for about 4 hours…meaning our group of 8 families with 8 new babies and toddlers (plus 3 other kiddos) spent some LONG hours in the airport.

Here I am being mommy-to-two.

airport 1

We played at the indoor playground for a little while…it didn’t look like it had been cleaned all that well any time recently, but we decided to go with it…until another mom noticed that one of the slides had some messy brown streaks down it…seemingly the result of many small children in split pants playing there. Then we wiped little hands and walked back to our gate.

There was sufficient time for Miranda to develop quite the elaborate story line about her baby, Lily, pictured here still in her belly.

baby lily 2

Lily is going to be born “30 years ago.” She has 6 brothers and sisters, 5 of which are girls and 5 of which are boys. Her mommy Miranda will give birth to her, but then she will adopt her from China. Baby Lily had a scrape, but fortunately Miranda was able to put some “ointabiotic” (her abbreviation for “antibiotic ointment”) and a bandaid on it while baby Lily was still in her belly. Miranda also talked with my mother about baby Lily “throw-uping” some and about how she would be pretty dirty when she was born. Baby Lily’s birth was actually fairly anti-climactic, though – she emerged very quickly on the airplane when it became clear that Matt would not be able to buckle the CARES harness airplane seatbelt around her. (Can you tell what it is that Miranda made into her baby Lily? My girl is creative!)

CaiQun handled the flight okay – she was not pleased to be getting on the plane at all but calmed down after a bottle and then proceeded to go through about 10 little lollipops during take-off and landing to keep her swallowing and try to keep her ears clear, but she was generally fairly quiet. She made faces at Matt and Miranda (and half the time strained to get back to their row to be with them), she snacked, and she stuck stickers on the faces of various people in ads in the in-flight magazine. You’re welcome, next occupant of seat 50K.

She and Miranda each had their own meltdowns between getting off the plane and arriving in our hotel room, though. I think that’s understandable given our 11 hours of travel between our Zhengzhou hotel and our Guangzhou hotel. Neither got great naps today, they didn’t get great meals, and they were both exhausted. I tucked them into bed tonight, Miranda half naked, and CaiQun wearing what I had packed in my backpack as a spare outfit for her, because they were both asleep before our luggage even arrived up at our room. And I think the rest of us are headed that way soon. My mom is going to do our agency’s city tour tomorrow morning, but Matt and the girls and I will pass – too much too early in the morning after a very long day today. We may try to go to the Christian church on Shamian Island, though – I’ve heard it’s a great experience…but we’ll just have to guage how we’re all doing tomorrow!

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