Madeleine CaiQun is 6!

I haven’t gotten a chance to blog about it yet, but last month our sweet Madeleine CaiQun turned six!


This girl is oh-so-precious to me. She is sweet and thoughtful and fiercely loyal, particularly when it comes to her siblings, both of whom love her to no end. Atticus can often be heard asking, “Mei mei? Mei mei?” when he doesn’t see her, and though she would rather prefer that this not be the case, his first activity each morning, after waking Matt and me, is to run into the girls room, shouting, “Mei mei! Jie jie!” and climb into their beds with them to wake them.


Miranda picked out this large Star Wars coloring book for her, and it was the perfect gift for our Star-Wars-obsessed girl! The other day I asked her to make a guess about what the names of 2 girls in a painting might have been, and she looked at me and announced, “Mom, my brain is just so full of thinking about storm troopers and clones, I can’t think of names for that!” Funny girl 🙂

Madeleine CaiQun is also a lover of soft and silky things, and these new pajamas from her grandma Nancy were definitely a hit!


Our sweet girl generally prefers to run around in just her underwear (one reason it’s hard to find blog-appropriate photos of her!), but when she does get dressed of her own accord, you can be sure it will be in something soft 🙂

My mom came for a visit to help us celebrate Madeleine CaiQun’s birthday, which was great! We had a pretty low key day. She chose to have homemade pizza for dinner and a strawberry cake for dessert, and we played and just enjoyed spending time together. Mei mei is such a great kid, and it is a joy to be her mama and to see her grow and develop as a person. I’m looking forward to the adventures with her that the following year is sure to bring!

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