I’m existing in a bit of a foggy state this evening. Matt came down with a cold earlier this week (prompting Miranda to begin referring to him as “my sick dad” in general conversation, as in, “Is my sick dad home from work yet?”), and yesterday it became clear that he had in fact passed it along to me, as well. There are currently about 6 tissues left in our entire house, and I’m hoping those last me through the night until I can stop at the grocery store to buy a few more boxes tomorrow. Anyway, on to topics that are slightly more interesting than my kleenex-usage…

After the debacle at the Secretary of State’s office on Tuesday, I got our I-797 in the mail to our Chicagoland courier on Wednesday morning, and it was delivered to the consulate on Thursday, scheduled for pick-up on Monday, and to be sent to our agency straight from there. Friday around noon I received our last authenticated document (other than our I-797) back, and so I hurried my daughter through lunch and loaded 2 kiddos (Miranda plus a little guy who was spending the day with us) who were both due for their naps any minute into the car, and we headed over to the UPS office, where we sent the ENTIRE REST OF OUR DOSSIER to our agency!

I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels no longer to be working on compiling our dossier (assuming, of course, that CCAI (our agency) finds no issues with any of the documents during their review process)! Months and months of work, plus hundreds of dollars, went into that stack of papers. And getting it sent off to our agency brings us one step closer to (hopefully) bringing Cai Qun home early next year.

And, to top it off, neither of the kiddos had a meltdown in the UPS store – always a bonus 🙂

Yesterday was also Matt’s birthday. Miranda and I made him a “Happy Birthday, Dad!” sign to string across the entryway between our kitchen and dining room, of which she is quite proud. She’s reminded him of it many, many, many times yesterday and today 🙂 Overall, our celebrations were relatively laid back – dinner at Chipotle, hanging out and chatting at home – appropriate for a rainy day and Matt and me both being in varying stages of cold recovery/development. But though our evening was pretty low-key, our gratitude for Matt’s presence in our lives is great. I’m incredibly blessed to be married to this guy 🙂

We actually got to relax around the house today. It was the first day in a long time in which Miranda and I had no real plans – nowhere we needed to go, no one we needed to see, nothing we needed to accomplish – and with our dossier on its way to our agency, no adoption-related tasks to occupy my time! We took advantage of that and slept in this morning and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast in the sunroom. Then tonight, we all took a walk and went over to the nearby playground, and when Matt went out to get together with some friends, Miranda and I painted our toenails and sat and read books together. Glorious!

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  1. So happy everything is going along quickly and smoothly – All that hard work will hopefully pay off soon when you all can hold Cai! We love you guys and hope that you will have a few more of those – “Chill out” days to spend together. We loved every minute that you guys were here with us and I so wish we weren’t so far away right now so I could just hug you guys!

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