Moving Along in Adopting: DTC and LID

I shared last time I wrote about our progress toward adopting our next little girl that we were waiting on one last document to come back to us certified so that we could send the rest of our documents to Chicago to be authenticated and then send our dossier to China. It all finally came together, and on Friday, July 29 our agency sent our dossier to China (DTC)!

DTC pic

That dossier-to-China milestone is huge – pulling together all of those documents is such a painstaking, detail-focused, perfectionistic process that it is a gigantic relief to be done with them all!

From there, we waited for our log-in-date (LID). That log-in date is essentially China’s official acknowledgement that they have received our dossier and have it in their system for review. Others who were DTC on the same date as us but with different agencies got their log-in-dates a few days before us, which made those extra days hard, but yesterday we got word that our dossier had been logged in, as well 🙂

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Now we start what we expect to be the longest wait of the process, the wait for our Letter of Approval (LOA), also known as Letter Seeking Confirmation (LSC). That letter is China’s official approval of us as parents for our little girl. It’s basically the most important piece of paper we’ll get through this whole process, and it’s what we’re waiting on now. Sometimes the database system to which our agency has access will have updates on our status through the process of China’s review of our dossier and issuing our LOA – first it will show that our dossier is in process of being translated, then in process of being reviewed, then matched, and then LOA issued. Usually it takes about 60-90 days to receive your LOA, but right now the process is moving pretty quickly, and it’s averaging more like 30-50 days. We’re hopeful that that trend will continue, but you never know what to expect!

So right now, in terms of our official progress through the adoption process, we’re just waiting 🙂 However, we’re using the time to gather additional funds. I’m working on some grant applications, I’ve been working extra hours, and Matt has continued to sell artwork, as well as embarking on a new project – he compiled a whole group of drawings he’d already made of friends of ours from our church and put them into a coloring book, which many of our friends have been delighted to purchase in order to support our adoption!

We’ve also been encouraged to receive an official update on our little girl 🙂 We’re incredibly fortunate that her foster home has a significant Internet presence, so we actually get new photos of her quite frequently, much more frequently than is normal in international adoption, but it was still fun to get new measurements and a bit more new information. She has grown a little over an inch and gained almost 2.5 pounds in the last 5 months since she moved to this foster home, which is awesome! She’s also continuing to develop, sitting for long periods of time unassisted, smiling, laughing, and talking. We’re so thankful for the care she’s getting and loved getting even more of a glimpse into what her life is like now and how we can be preparing for her to join our family in a few months!

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  1. Congratulations! Such a big milestone. What a blessing that you can watch your sweet girl growing and getting stronger as she prepares to come home. God is so goo!

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