One Year with FangFang

This week we celebrated one year of life with FangFang! It has been quite a year. She was not a fan of us (of me, in particular) at first, and candy was my biggest ally.

But even on that first trip, in China, we saw glimpses of the joy that we now know permeates her heart and soul.

These first kisses were so precious to me.

And she warmed up to Matt pretty quickly once we were home 🙂

It has been quite a year since then. We’ve traveled to Omaha 4 times for 1 clinic visit and 3 surgeries…and we hope not to head back until the middle of next year!

While FangFang still uses butt-scooting as her primary form of mobility at home, she’s also learned to crawl and stand and even cruises on the couch! And, after some fighting with the insurance company, she got her first wheelchair for increased mobility in public places.

And beyond all these skills, we’ve grown as a family. Any time a new person joins a family, all of the family dynamics change, and it takes time to make those adjustments. We’re still figuring out all of these relationships ourselves and coaching our children through them – I expect that will remain true forever 🙂 But it feels like every member of the family is more settled, and we’ve grown into pretty stable, positive places!

FangFang was excited to celebrate being part of the family for a whole year, and we were happy to go along with her requests for Chinese food and ice cream 🙂 FangFang is passionate about all things China, but really, one thing everyone in the family can agree on is Chinese food! Atticus had a hard time leaving the park Matt had taken the kids to visit that afternoon, and Madeleine CaiQun comforted him by telling him, “It’s okay, Atticus, we’re going to have Chinese food for dinner!”

FangFang, you are a true source of joy, and we are so glad you are home and part of our family <3


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One thought on “One Year with FangFang

  1. I am So touched to read this article about your family and Fangfang. I’ve taken Beginning Drawing with Prof. Ballou, and he talked about Fangfang usually in the class. I am happy to see how your family retain some Chinese traditions for Fangfang, such as Chinese food. Moreover, I can see from her smile face how she gets along well with the family in the U.S. I am so touched and moved. I ‘d Like to teach Fangfang Chinese language for free if you need. I ‘ve been teaching Chinese at Columbia public school and pre-school for over 3 years. Chinese New Year is coming soon, MU Confucius Institute will hold an event called Chinese New Year Gala at Missouri Theater. If you and Fangfang are interested in, please come to watch. It is open to public and free for sure. Columbia public school students who are learning Chinese will perform Chinese songs dance and more.

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