Miranda has pretty much always used a pacifier to help her fall asleep for almost all naps and bedtimes. We’re starting to make the transition from 2 naps a day down to 1 nap, though, which seemed like a good time to work on lessening our nuk dependence. Plus her pediatrician said there was a good chance it would be a lot easier to do closer to 15 months than 16 months…so I figured I’d at least give it a try. And the initial results are in! Miranda fell asleep without a pacifier for both her nap and her bedtime today, making our current score:

Alison: 1

Tyranny of the Nuk: 0


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3 thoughts on “score!

  1. oh, the thrill of victory!!! don’t expect it to be so easy every time until the transition is complete, but revel in the gratification and excitement and satisfaction of the moment. miranda, my supergirl.

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