some technical difficulties – now fixed!

If you haven’t read yesterday’s post in which we humbly ask for your assistance in bringing our little one home from China, you can check it out here.

We need to let you know, though, that we encountered some technical difficulties. Yesterday’s post linked to our myStory page as an easy way to contribute toward the matching grant we received – but unfortunately, the page was not functioning properly yesterday! We heard from multiple people that they tried to send gifts, but upon submitting the form, they were immediately taken back to the donation form instead of to any confirmation of their donation. Our contact at Lifesong was working on the issue at 6:00 a.m. this morning, and they had it working again by this afternoon!

If you tried to submit a donation through that platform yesterday, it did not go through. If you’d still like to contribute, you can now do so through any of the 3 means described in yesterday’s post, and all should work! I very much apologize for the drama, and thank you for hanging in there with us while we got all of this resolved!

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