the history of Alison (in a box)

I know I promised an actual update on our lives and our thoughts about what comes next for us, and I will get to that soon. However, tonight’s discoveries are too good not to share.

My mom has been saving for both of my brothers and me boxes full of items that we might someday want, whether for sentimental or practical reasons. This summer, when she and some family friends came for a visit, they brought a stack of my boxes, and tonight I took some time to sort through a couple of them. Some of the finds were utterly sweet – for instance, the candles we used for the unity candle in our wedding.

Others provided firm evidence that my mom was a true Pinterest mom long before Pinterest existed. Check out these shirts she made for me.



(The second was obviously sans stain back in its glory days.)

And this is just a sampling of the shirts for which she arranged opportunities for me to make (again, some were decorated and worn pre-stains).




And here’s one that I can’t remember whether she or I made it. Regardless, long live puffy paints! (I do think this has to be one of the coolest things ever made with puffy paints.)



And then there was the pile of clothes from circa 1990 that I had loved at the time and I’m sure made my mom promise not to discard. Some of them just might show up on certain now-three-year-old girls in a couple years…


…because who wouldn’t want to wear a unicorn sweatshirt with a built-in front-fanny-pack pocket…


…or an ensemble that has it all – stripes, cats, hearts, and even a bow-shaped bead?

Others may appear sooner than that.



And for still others, this is probably their last blog appearance before they make their way to the “give away” box.



It has been an entertaining evening here at our house 🙂


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