the superbowl at our house

We decided to stay in and watch the Superbowl at home as a family this year. We were pretty laid back during the first half – we made some BBQ meatballs and apple dip and just enjoyed watching the game together. Matt and Miranda practiced making touchdown signs, hoping they would be needed for some Giants’ scores.

However, the second half was a bit more tense, as it seemed the Patriots might win the game. And then when the Giants were ultimately victorious, one member of our family seemed temporarily to go just a little bit crazy!

Others of us – while excited – were able to hold it together just a little bit more.

And thankfully, after some time had passed, Matt was able to continue his celebrations with slightly more restraint, much appreciated by the rest of us, and we enjoyed the rest of our night together 🙂

We really did have a good time watching the game together and celebrating the Giants’ victory 🙂

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