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I’ve been in a bit of a funk today – not related to Valentine’s Day, obviously, since I have the world’s most awesome valentine, plus a beautiful baby girl with whom I get to spend my day.  In general, I’m not much of a Valentine’s Day person.  All the fuss seems much more related to Hallmark than to really loving those around you well.  But, partly because it is Valentine’s Day, and partly because I’ve been inspired lately by reading the sweet, reflective, and thankful words of this blog, I’ve been reflecting today on the many things I love, and I thought I’d share what is, I assure you, only an abbreviated list of those things with you:

  • my wonderful husband
  • my beautiful daughter
  • a Packers superbowl win
my sweet baby cheering on the Pack
  • the way Miranda sticks her little belly up in the air when she stretches as she’s waking up
  • reading through The Chronicles of Narnia books at night with Matt
  • honey curry chicken (on the menu for tonight’s dinner!)
  • my little girl falling asleep to my singing or humming Amazing Grace to her when she has a hard time going to sleep…and the feeling of triumph and peace I get when I look over at her and see her eyes closed peacefully with her little hands clutching her lovey blanket next to her cheek and know that she really is asleep
  • yoga pants
  • the cinnamon Amish friendship bread that my friend Brooke passed on to me – and the exasperated look her husband Aarik makes whenever he sees a starter bag for it at either of our houses
  • the way Miranda laughs when Matt or I tickle her

And since I’m now thinking about the yummy honey curry chicken we’re having for dinner, I’m feeling pretty hungry and am going to go get started on the dinner prep!

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