I am sick. Really I just have a cold, which I’m not sure even qualifies as truly being sick, but still, I feel rather under the weather. I think this is my first experience of being at all sick while also being the mother of a toddler, and already the day has been interesting.

Normally I wake up to at least one of two things – Miranda climbing on me and/or the sound of my phone’s alarm clock. Today I woke up significantly after the time for which my alarm had been set and was alone in bed. This is not normal. I thought perhaps Matt had taken pity on me in my somewhat sickly state and had gotten Miranda up and brought her downstairs with him. And then I heard the sound of tissues slowly being pulled out of the box, one by one. I rolled over and looked up and saw my sweet toddler standing at the side of my bed in front of a rapidly growing pile of tissues. “Nose!” she exclaimed, as she pulled yet another tissue out of the box, held it up to her face and exhaled, and then added it to her pile.

I managed to pull myself out of bed, and we joined Matt downstairs for a late breakfast. He asked me what I was hoping to work on today. I responded with a blank stare. Work on? Mostly I was contemplating how much of the day I could spend snuggled under blankets on the couch and how to keep Miranda entertained with activities that required no movement from me. Apparently when you are a mom, there is no such thing as a sick day.

In spite of my self-pity and lack of total health, though, we’ve been doing pretty well 🙂 We’re both fed and dressed with teeth and hair brushed – which is more than I had originally been thinking about even attempting – and I think I’ll get started on my Bible study in a bit and spend some time reading to Miranda before lunch and nap/work time. Snuggling on the couch under blankets with a cup of hot tea still sounds pretty appealing, though – perhaps that will be my tentative plan for the post-nap/work part of our afternoon! If I gather some good books for us or put something on tv with a lot of music (Glee?), Miranda may even be willing to snuggle with me…perhaps the mommy sick days are the best ones of all 🙂

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