Travel Day – Beijing to Zhengzhou

Today has been another very long day, and now I’m incredibly tired and am going to be meeting my new daughter in just a few short hours, so I’ll be brief. We met in the hotel lobby at 7:40 this morning to head to the airport for our flight that was supposed to leave at 10:20. That sounds early…but we were up around 5:15 feeling the most well-rested we’ve felt since we arrived here after almost 8 hours of sleep in bed without any fever or major wake-ups from Miranda. Ah, jetlag…

Anyway, due to the “fog” (smog), our flight was delayed about 3 hours, so we sat around for several hours in the Beijing airport waiting to check in and then waiting to be able to board our flight. Highlights included Miranda rebuffing the attempts at friendship from an adorable sixteen-month-old Chinese boy; Miranda running all around the check-in area and playing with the seven-year-old daughter of another family in our group (she loves this little girl – we hear a lot of, “Where is Addison?” or “Addison is getting some juice now,” or “There’s Addison’s mommy”); and my first squatty potty usage (thankfully it was successful).

Once we landed in Zhengzhou, we were met by our guides for our time in Henan province, Rita and Vivian. Both seem very sweet and helpful. They explained the week’s itinerary, got us checked in at our hotel, gave us more information about each of our children, and took us to Walmart to pick up our children’s brand of formula and any other necessities. Matt and Miranda stayed back at the hotel while my mom and I made the trek to Walmart, which turned out to be a very good decision, as it was bitterly cold and windy, and the smog was horribly oppressive. I bought a few things there that I hope will help Miranda enjoy her time here – what Rita suggested might be the closest thing they had to chocolate milk, plus some juice she might enjoy. We’ll see if she likes them tomorrow. She was not particularly agreeable this evening by the time we got back, since it was late, and she was tired, and she and Matt had not been able to find where I’d packed her Letter Factory and Word Factory DVDs. She’s been asleep for a while now, though, and Matt and I worked on unpacking suitcases, charging camera equipment, packing Madeleine CaiQun’s little backpack that we will take to give her tomorrow, and getting our room set up for the week we’ll be here in Zhengzhou. We were all worn out, so we just ate snack food here in the room for dinner.

And tomorrow is the big day – the day we meet our new little daughter. Please do pray for us and for her. Please pray especially –

  • that her little heart will be prepared to join our family
  • that Miranda will be kind and helpful to her
  • that Matt and I will communicate well and work together as we seek to welcome Madeleine CaiQun into our family
  • that we – especially I – will know how to balance the demands of being parents to 2 children instead of just 1. Miranda has been very clingy with me, wanting me and me alone, especially when she is tired and upset, and I want to care for her well, but I also need to be there for Madeleine CaiQun, who is about to experience an incredible upheaval in her young life and will need to learn even to accept comfort from her mommy. I so want to make sure I’m not short-changing CaiQun, who may not even know how to communicate to us what she needs, and I worry that Miranda’s jet-lagged melodramatic insistence on my presence may make it hard for me to care for CaiQun. Please pray for wisdom for me (and for Matt) in that.

And with that, I will sign off. We leave here at 9:30 tomorrow morning to go meet our children, but we are 14 hours ahead of the central time zone in the United States, so that’s 7:30 p.m. on Sunday night for most of you. Please be praying for us, and we’ll post some updates and photos when we can 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Travel Day – Beijing to Zhengzhou

  1. praying! May the peace of God fill you all – including Miranda and Madeeline CaiQun – through and through and dwell in you richly throughout the whole week.

  2. Praying for you all! What an exciting day! Praise God that he has brought you to it and he will now give you what you need for it and for all if the little people he has blessed you with!

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