Two Little Gymnasts

As Miranda would say, the world has two more gymnasts today!


Matt and I have talked for years about wanting our kids to be involved in some sort of regular activity outside of our home and our family, in part because we’re home-schooling them. We want them to be exposed to other learning environments and other adults and children and to be able to have age-appropriate interactions with other people independent of us.

It has seemed to both of us recently that our girls have reached an age and developmental stage in which it would be appropriate for them to start something along those lines. Plus we have a little bit of wiggle room in our budget that enables us to afford to sign them up for something 🙂 At this point, gymnastics seemed like a natural fit. They both enjoy watching the sport and often pretend to be doing gymnastics at home. Plus it’s a sport that you can start at the ages of 3 and 4 and do year-round, and while I can watch their practices, my active presence is not required. We signed them up last week, and their first class was tonight! They could not have been more excited.


When we got to the gym they were a bit nervous, one of them in particular, but they handled it alright 🙂 Their teacher seems super sweet and did a great job of helping them to get settled right in even though they were new to the class. Pretty soon they were learning some stretches…


…and practicing some skills that will help with beginning tumbling!


CaiQun was disappointed that they didn’t get to do anything on the high beams you can see in the foreground of the above picture or on the uneven bars, but they did get to experience quite a few different activities, and I think they both enjoyed it 🙂 I’m thankful it went so well tonight, and I hope it will continue to be a good learning and growing experience for both of the girls!


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