Wednesday in Guangzhou

Today was a free day for our family – apart from the meeting this afternoon about our departure plans – so we slept in a bit and then after breakfast headed over to a park across the street from our hotel. It wasn’t exactly what Miranda was hoping for (a slide and swings), but we did get to see some amazing Chinese New Year decorations. These photos were all taken near the entrance to the park.

001 002 003

Here are a few more from farther up along the path…

006 007

And here are some that my American readers may particularly enjoy…

smurfs spiderman superman

Other than that, we’ve really had a pretty low-key day. We had lunch in our hotel room again, the girls napped, I attended our departure logistics meeting, and then we had dinner in one of the restaurants in our hotel. We did some reading and playing (and one more load of hand-washed laundry) until it was time for bathtime and bedtime and got the girls tucked into bed!

A bit more of China experienced and another day down!

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