a small adoption update and more fun

I suspect none of you are as anxious as I am about establishing our relationships with our agencies – but just in case you are, you’ll be happy to know that Matt’s and my meeting today with the homestudy agency with which we’d like to work went very well! We need to send in our official application, but it didn’t sound like they would have any issues in working with us. The woman who will likely do our homestudy has done numerous homestudies for families adopting from China and has worked with the placing agency we’d like to work with multiple times and has great things to say about them. She seems very sweet and helpful, and I’m looking forward to (hopefully) working with her! We talked about a timeline for getting started on our homestudy, and she’s thinking the end of February would be a good time to really get started, which is also good news in that it gives me another 5 weeks or so to get my house fully social-worker-ready 🙂

Matt and I also both had some success today (we think!) in moving toward getting the documents we need to submit with our application to our placing agency. We each put in one document request, and both of us talked with people who said they’d get those documents to us within the next few days, so we’re optimistic – we seem to be off to a good start 🙂

God has totally been providing for us through this process. One blessing for which I am particularly thankful tonight is the people He’s placed in our path who have walked this adoption road before us. We’ve gotten recommendations for agencies and for books to read. We’ve heard from different people who have adopted from China what they were able to ascertain about their children’s living conditions. We’re learning about what to expect in the paper-chasing process, what it’s like parenting adopted children, and what it’s like parenting children with various special needs. God has even provided families who have adopted HIV+ children to answer our questions about what it could be like for us to adopt and parent children with HIV – which is especially significant since many of those families are not open about their children’s HIV status. We’re not certain God will bring a child who is HIV+ into our family, but we’re thankful for the willingness of those families to share from their experiences in case He does, and we’re also appreciating learning about more special needs from other families. I’m also thankful for Miranda’s pediatrician and his experience treating kids with various backgrounds and his willingness to help us as we go through our adoption process and – Lord willing! – begin to parent our next child. I’m thankful, too, for great support from our families and church community. I’m feeling very encouraged tonight 🙂

Today also, of course, contained much fun with our little Miranda Grace. A sweet friend watched her this morning during our meeting, and for the rest of the day Miranda could not stop talking about her friend Liz and baby Hayden and their dog (his name is actually Roadie, but Miranda seems convinced that he goes by “Pout-y”). Especially since I was away from her for a while this morning, it was great to get to read some books and cook with her and play with her in her kitchen set and talk more about letters and numbers this afternoon and evening. I know you’ll be pleased to see that Matt was able to capture some pictures of us as we played with her letter magnets today – and I’ll leave you with one of those shots!

having fun learning about letters

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  1. Glad to hear that the meeting went well. I was telling my mom a while ago about how much Miranda is talking now and asking to pray for her book last night.

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