a Wisconsin wedding and a visit with family

First of all, a clarification. It has come to my attention that I was rather unclear in my mention of the “relational drama” going on around the time of this post, and I may have given the impression that I was referring to drama in Matt’s and my relationship, which was not and is not the case 🙂 Matt and I are doing well, our marriage is doing well, and if it weren’t, that certainly would not be substance for a blog post for either of us. This relational drama was more of the friendship variety, which is not fun either, but Matt and I are doing great 🙂

And now on to the substance of this post!

One of my cousins got married last weekend, so the girls and I made the trip to WI to be there with them to celebrate the beginning of their marriage – and to see family, of course 🙂

Like he did in July, my dad offered to fly into St. Louis to drive with us so I wouldn’t have to travel alone with the girls. Unfortunately Matt’s teaching schedule this semester made it practically impossible for him to come with us. The same was true for my brother David’s teaching schedule, so we missed getting to see him, as well. The drive with my dad went well, though, and we arrived in the Milwaukee area in time for dinner. The girls, of course, were thrilled to see everyone and jumped right into play time!


Friday morning Danny, Sharon, the girls, and I went to The Domes. Here are Danny and Sharon posing with the girls outside.


And here are a few shots of us enjoying the desert dome.




The tropical dome was closed, but we spent quite a bit of time in the special exhibit dome. A small portion of that time was spent looking at the flowers…



…however, I must confess that most of our time was actually spent playing at this gazebo.


It was, as I was informed by Miranda, my house. I was to stand inside, and Miranda and CaiQun would line up outside. Miranda would push an imaginary button and say, “ding dong,” and I would welcome her inside. CaiQun would then push the same imaginary button and say, “ring bell,” and I would also welcome her inside. It wasn’t long before Danny and Sharon were also instructed to take part in our play. Once everyone was inside, the girls would devise some appropriate activity in which all of my guests should engage. Sometimes they would make a circle around me. Other times everyone was to jump continuously. Danny’s jumping was often not quite continuous enough for CaiQun’s standards, and she never failed to let him know, pointing her finger at him and commanding him, “jumping!” It was obviously great fun. I love to watch the girls’ creativity growing…though we are also working on respect and courtesy in our communications with others 🙂

And because I can’t resist, here’s one more picture from our time at the Domes, this one of the cute couple.


And that night we had a laid back evening at my mom’s.


Saturday was the wedding day. It was a long day for everyone, and my girls don’t have many that are packed that full. CaiQun still managed to get in a brief nap snuggling with her grandma – a very sweet moment 🙂


Miranda, not to be outdone in the contest for sweet moments with Grandma, announced as we sat at our table at the reception, “Grandma and me are glued together. We’ll be having kids soon. We’re married.”


And then there were the light sabers! For their grand entrance to the reception, my aunt and uncle walked in to the Star Wars theme and dueled each other with light sabers, which my cousin Kevin later found under their table and passed on to my girls, who, from that moment on, had no intention of ever letting go of them.


They were actually quite a blessing throughout the evening. All I had to do in order to know exactly where my girls were at any given moment was look around the room for the 2 shining blue lights 🙂 I was able to have many more conversations with cousins and aunts and uncles than usual!

And the girls had a blast at the reception. Danny and Sharon had offered to dance with them, and they were thrilled. They absolutely loved it. I don’t really dance – though they did get me to come out with them for a few songs – so it was really fun for them to get to do that with Danny and Sharon.


On Sunday my dad and Danny and Sharon went to the Packer game, and the girls and my mom and I watched from home. In an incredibly sweet gesture, Danny and Sharon made sparkly pink cheeseheads for the girls (and Sharon). The girls absolutely loved theirs.


They even tucked the cheeseheads into bed after they had played their part in securing a Packer victory.


Monday morning we got a bit more time to hang out with Danny and Sharon before they had to head back to DC.


That evening we spent with my parents, and the next day my dad and the girls and I drove back to Missouri! It felt like a very quick trip, but it was nice to see people again 🙂 It can be a lot of work to get everything packed (and then unpacked) and get everyone there (and then home) and keep up with the girls in different places (and then help them get settled back in at home when we return), but I’m thankful for the opportunities we have to spend time with family. I enjoy them, and I am glad the girls are getting a chance to develop these relationships, as well!

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