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Friends, we have some updates on our adoption journey 🙂

First, yesterday (January 9), the US Consulate in Guangzhou issued our Article 5. What this means is that we are now officially waiting for our Travel Approval – the very last approval we need before we can travel to China to get our daughter! We are hoping and praying that it comes quickly and that we are able to travel around mid-February, right after Chinese New Year.

Second, we were awarded a generous grant by Kinsman Redeemer, a group that works to help defray the costs of adoption for Missouri families. What a blessing it was to come home to a letter and check from them after our time in Wisconsin! We do not quite have all the funds we need for our travel, but we are getting close! If you would like to help out, feel free to check out the box on the right sidebar, in which there are links to Matt’s etsy shop and to our Paypal account.

Third, it made my day today to receive an update on our beautiful little girl!!! I usually work from my desk upstairs in Matt’s and my bedroom, but the top floor of our house has been almost entirely consumed by The Great Bedroom Set-Up of 2013, in which we add a new bed, rearrange many other items of furniture, and generally allow chaos to reign while we attempt to get everything into place for our transition to a family of four. Anyway, I elected to join my husband at the dining room table for my work time today, and about an hour into it, I startled him with a loud yell as I threw my arms up into the air. He seemed annoyed at first, but as soon as he realized that I was yelling with excitement because of an update about our little Madeleine CaiQun, he was just as excited as I was 🙂

Look at our sweet girl!

Dang Cai Qun1 2013-1-2

Seriously, could we be any more blessed? I don’t think so. She is just precious. I’ve been staring at these photos on and off all afternoon. Just look at that adorable ponytail. And her cute little nose. And those sweet lips. She still reminds me of Miranda. I’m not sure why – maybe it’s just a mommy’s love? It certainly does this mommy’s heart good to see some more recent photos of her little girl 🙂

I was worried we wouldn’t recognize her. We haven’t had any new updates since the beginning of August. But there she is. Same little girl, same sweet face. My heart is full this evening.

We also got updated measurements, which is a huge blessing. While we were in Wisconsin, I had plotted out her growth trajectory on height and weight charts to try to make my best guess about what her clothing size would be when we get her, and I thought I had a pretty good estimate, and she’d be just barely ready for a step up in clothing size…but what if I was off and showed up with all the wrong size clothes for her?!  I feel much more confident now.

And they say she is healthy 🙂 Such a blessing. I can’t wait to be with her and truly get to be her mommy. We’re looking forward to it all. Easy or hard, what we expect or not, we’re looking forward to it. We’ll be there soon, little Madeleine CaiQun!

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