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It’s strange how it hits you – tonight I was taking the milk out of the refrigerator to add the “day 5” ingredients to my bag of friendship bread, and it hit me – not for the first time – that I am a real adult.  And that seems strange.  Sometimes it doesn’t seem like that could possibly be true – and yet here I am.  I bake bread.  I throw away the old milk carton and open the new one that I bought at the store last week, spending the appropriate money allocated in my grocery budget (well, if truth be told, a bit more than was allocated for my grocery budget).  I plan meals.  I have a husband – who is preaching at our church tomorrow!  In fact, we even have a baby – who is currently teething, poor little girl.  I make choices about parenting philosophies and sleep and food and diapers and all kinds of baby stuff.  We rent a home (which we’re in the midst of child-proofing for our increasingly mobile daughter) and own cars and have insurance and all those adult things.  We even offer counsel to others at times.  Apparently this is for real – and yet sometimes it still doesn’t quite seem possible that this could be my life; but by the grace of God, somehow it is!

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  1. Thankfully, we get to become more mature children …to our parents and to God, but
    I agree with your mom- our kiddos will always be our kiddos!

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