an adoption update!

We have a real adoption update, friends – we have agencies and have officially started the adoption process!

CCAI notified us last Tuesday that they have approved our application to work with them to adopt a child from China’s special needs program! We’ve signed our contract to work with them and made our first program fee payment.

And Lutheran Family & Children’s Services is going to do our homestudy. I love LFCS and the ways in which they are serving the community here, and Matt and I have met with our social worker and are very much looking forward to working with her. So often it seems that adoptive families have feelings of antagonism toward their social workers, but my sense is that our social worker is going to be a great resource for us on this journey, and I’m so thankful for that.

We have definitely seen God’s hand at work in guiding us to a well-respected, highly-regarded, and very experienced placing agency to walk us through this entire process and setting us up with a great homestudy agency so close to where we live and in providing the funds for us to make the initial payments due to both of our agencies.

I’m incredibly excited – and yet I am also struck by the gravity of what we are doing. To be entrusted with the life of another person is never a small matter. I pray even now that God will prepare us for the child He is going to bring into our family next – and will prepare him or her for us – and that He will sustain us all, especially during the difficult times that are sure to come, and enable us to do whatever we need to do to follow Him and care for all of our children well.

And tonight that means I need to go print out my dossier guide and homestudy checklist and start getting to work! The goal: to have our dossier ready to be sent to China on my 30th birthday! We have just a little over 5 months until that magic date on which we are eligible to be matched with our child, so we’ll need to move relatively quickly. Ready…set…go!

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