like facets of a diamond

“They are given the transcendent honor of displaying a specific part of Him in their relationship, of reflecting some unique aspect of His awesomeness that no other marriage can. Yes, all marriages share in that picture of God loving and drawing us to Himself, but I believe that each specific godly marriage, like its own singular facet of a diamond, reflects light and truth in a way that others may not.”

The quote above is from the message my husband, Matt, gave at the wedding of some dear friends of ours this past spring.  I love it.

To me, each of our individual lives also have that potential, to reflect God and His glory in unique ways, specific to each one of us, as facets of a diamond.  Looking around me and seeing those other facets is glorious.  It encourages me to persevere, to continue on, running on my own path but alongside others who run toward the same goal, to be able to say, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith”  (2 Timothy 4:7).  Many of those awe-inspiring facets are amazing people I see in my day-to-day life, and others are reflected in history books or news reports – and still others are friends who interject their beauty into my life in part through their blogs.  In Natalie I am seeing what it is to be a young woman with her entire adult life ahead of her, completely open to wherever God calls her; from her friend Erin I am learning what it looks like to walk in faith through tragedy and to surrender all – even our children’s lives – to Christ; another friend Natalie reminds me of the wonder of God’s creation and the joys of living simply; and Marisa offers sweet, dedicated friendship and reflections on life.  I am a better person for seeing God’s presence displayed in the thoughts and writings each of these women.

My hope is that I too will reflect God in some way that He has uniquely designed me to do, and perhaps this blog can be part of that.  And I would especially like to offer yet another window into our lives for our families, none of whom live nearby, and many of our good friends, who are also scattered all around.  I love you and miss you all and hope you’ll check back here for more updates occasionally 🙂

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  1. first comment. yes.
    thanks for the mention- it means alot!
    congrats on starting a blog- it’s a fabulous way to be honest and real and accoutable and write and keep in touch and speak your mind and entertain, all at once.


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