DTC (Dossier to China)!!

Today we reached another important milestone in our adoption journey – we are DTC (dossier to China)! To those not obsessed with the multitude of abbreviations that have become commonplace in conversations amongst those adopting from China, this is a big step. It means that all of the paperwork that we’ve been compiling over the last 7 months or so (and then having notarized, and then certified, and then authenticated) is now on its way to China!!

I am pretty excited that our agency found no issues with any of our paperwork. CCAI does the most intense dossier review I’ve heard of. When I described their process to Matt, his response was, “So, basically, our agency is like the ‘you’ of agencies?” I may be somewhat intense and detail-oriented 🙂 With CCAI, before your dossier goes to China, at least 3 separate people do a full review of all of your documents to make sure everything looks good. While it would be annoying to have to fix something at that point, it would be far worse to have to fix it later if China discovers a problem. The difficult part about their intensive dossier review process is that it takes time – it was hard for me to wait while they completed their analysis – but the good thing is that we are confident that all of our documents really are exactly as they need to be.

And that’s it – no more documents to order online or create myself or request from our employers or friends. No more calls to our notary friends, asking where they are at that moment and if I can bring another document to them to be notarized. No more trips to Jefferson City to get documents certified. And no more checks to couriers, who deliver our documents to Chinese consulates in cities far from here for authentication. We’re DONE with our paperwork.

And now…we wait.

First we wait for China officially to acknowledge receipt of our dossier by assigning us what’s called a Log-In Date (LID). The agency of the Chinese government that deals with adoption will be on vacation for a week at the beginning of October, so it could take longer than usual, but standard wait times are something like 1 day to 1 month.

Then from there, we wait and pray that China grants us our Letter of Acceptance (LOA), which would be China’s official approval for us to adopt Cai Qun. That wait could be anywhere from a few days (which is pretty much miraculous) to 120+ days (which is tortuous) – more standard is 60-90 days.

After that, there are a few more steps, which are usually estimated to take another 2-3 months, but the pace picks up a lot after that LOA arrives – assuming that China grants it!

Are you noticing a theme? Waiting, perhaps?

And those of you who know me well know that waiting is not my strong suit. Following directions? YES. Checklists? HECK YES.

But sitting? And waiting? And leaving it up to other people to do their jobs? Not so much.

I much prefer to be in control and to know exactly what is happening at every moment.

I need to remember that God – the Creator and Sustainer of the universe – is in control. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I get what I want – an LOA at all, much less a super fast one – but it does mean that I am not and Cai Qun is not at the mercy of pure bureaucracy. God is in control, and He is the “Father of the fatherless and protector of widows” (Psalm 68:5).

If you are a praying person, please pray that China does grant us an LOA (and quickly). But please also pray that I wait well – that I would draw near to and grow closer to God, that Matt and I continue to enjoy one another, and that I would use this remaining time at home with just Miranda well. And please continue to pray for little Cai Qun.

Such a sweetie! We so want you to come join our family – and soon – little girl!

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  1. hey alison! i just re-read your entries and realize that i didn’t know how you were matched with/chose cai qun or what you knew about her history…would you mind doing an entry on that some time?

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