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Have you ever had one of those moments (or days) when you wonder whether your past self (or maybe your current self) was perhaps a little bit crazy? For instance, you know you’re working toward adopting a child from China, which means traveling to China to pick up your child, which necessitates having a valid passport for each member of your family, and you want to take a look at said passports to ensure that they are not expiring any time soon, and when you go to look in the spot in which you are sure you keep your passports, they are not there? And you think through all the places that your former self might have thought were better places to put the passports, and you check those places, and your passports are also not there? And you can’t think of anywhere else you might have put them, but you still have not found them? And yet your husband, who is a wonderful person but utterly disorganized and generally cannot keep track of what’s happening in his life more than 3 hours ahead of time, let alone where he puts important documents, knows exactly where his passport is? And maybe, just maybe, either you or your earlier self (whenever it was you last had your passports out!) have gone a little bit crazy?

That was me last night and this morning.

Fortunately, however, as I was tearing our house apart looking for Miranda’s and my passports this morning, I discovered that I had not in fact gone crazy – I had just been slightly incompetent (which, while not ideal, is definitely preferable to total insanity). I had apparently attempted to put our passports in the place I was sure they’d be, but they’d fallen down behind their designated spot, and it was not until I started tearing things apart that I saw them. Phew!

And now I have verified that all 3 of us have passports valid through 2015, which should give us more than enough time to complete at least one trip to China!

Now that I’ve filled you in on the excitement of our morning, I better move on to the rest of my to do list for the day – continued potty training, getting tonight’s dinner in the crockpot, making as much progress on our dossier as possible, putting in a couple hours of work, perhaps taking Miranda to the park, and then enjoying an evening at home with Matt and Miranda tonight!

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