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I’m just popping in to let you all know that no, we have not yet received our LOA. I haven’t heard of anyone with our agency receiving theirs last week, so honestly, my hope is that a package was delivered on Friday when they were closed and will be waiting for them Monday morning when they re-open and it will contain our LOA. However…really, we have no idea when it will come. We think it is likely to be soon (even this week), but there are no guarantees, so we just don’t know. And while we are hoping and praying that it happens soon, it’s okay that it hasn’t yet and that it could be a bit longer. We began this adoption journey believing we were following God’s leading, and we still believe that, and so we wait and trust in Him that He is caring for us and for Cai Qun.

And in the meantime…we celebrate that we were able to spend almost a full week in Wisconsin with my mom and brothers this past week, that we all so enjoyed that time, that Miranda is continuing to build relationships with our extended families despite the long-distance nature of all of those relationships, and that  we were able to re-connect with friends in Wisconsin and a few from Chicagoland. It’s been a good week. Hopefully more photos and details will follow soon.

And I will keep you posted on any news about our LOA 🙂

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