in which God used spiders to remind me not to put my trust in the things of this world

Our little family is packing up our apartment and moving across town. When we moved to this place 2 years ago, we thought we’d be here for a while, but for a number of reasons – a primary one of which is the seeming deteriorating safety of our current neighborhood – we felt like we needed to make a move now.

And our new place is wonderful. We can’t wait to get settled in over there. Even in just the past few days of painting and hauling boxes over, we’ve been loving it. It’s absolutely a blessing from God.

And yet – there is one thing I was hoping would be true of our new place that seems not entirely to be the case.

You see, I am not a Missouri native. I grew up in Wisconsin. And in Wisconsin, we have spiders…but not really. The spiders we have are of the spindly daddy-long-legs variety. Sure, I jump when I see one, but it’s not really a big deal, and I go and kill it.

However, spiders in Missouri are another matter entirely. To begin with, to my knowledge, there are 2 potentially deadly poisonous types of spiders to watch out for – brown recluses and black widows. But even beyond that, the spiders in Missouri are creepy. They can be big. And they don’t necessarily just spin webs and sit and wait for unsuspecting prey to be caught – they actively hunt and attack.

So, there is some type of non-poisonous-but-definitely-creepy spider that lives in the area of our current apartment and during the spring and summer, it’s not all that uncommon for one of them to find a way into our house, at which point I yell frantically for Matt to come kill it, and he does, and I then take the next 10 minutes to compose myself and pray not to have nightmares about it for the next couple nights.

One of my greatest hopes for our next home has been that it would have no spiders. Sure, maybe we would see a daddy-long-legs once or twice a year, but that’s it. And this place is so wonderful that I was certain it would contain no creepy spiders.

And then I saw one the other night while we were there. And Matt saw another yesterday. And my utopian dreams of a spider-free existence were crushed.

And I am reminded that, this side of Heaven, there will be no absolute perfection. I cannot expect that any home or any thing at all – no matter how amazing – is going to satisfy my every longing, and I need to remember that.

(But I am looking into whether we can have an exterminator address the spider issue.)

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3 thoughts on “in which God used spiders to remind me not to put my trust in the things of this world

  1. TOTALLY relate! And I think it’s hilarious that you thought your new home might be so perfect that it’d be spider free 🙂

    On the extermination front – we used to have a huge spider issue in our basement, but Scott just used a ~$5 spray from the hardware store around the edges of the basement and it has helped immensely. (Our basement has “floating walls”, which means that there’s a gap of about 1/2″ between the wall and floor in the unfinished part of the basement – you don’t notice the gap in the carpeted area – which is where a lot of our spiders were hanging out.) Maybe something like that would help?? We typically just get wolf spiders and jumping spiders here, though – I’ve heard that there are brown recluses in CO but am doing my best to refuse to acknowledge that fact.

  2. thanks for the tip! we’ll have to check out our options for that. we’ve sprayed around the outside of our current apartment door with a spray from the store, and i’m not sure how much of a difference it has made, but we’ve never sprayed anything inside. part of me really wants to just pay an exterminator to come out, and then it’s someone else’s job to take care of it…but obviously if we can accomplish the same thing for much less money, that would be better.

  3. Spraying is great! My parents do it at their house and they get a ton of bugs in the basement.
    I tried not to laugh but I could definitely picture you telling this story and it made me feel better about my intense dislike of spiders! 🙂

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