just a quick update!

We’ve been busy since my last update!

My dad arrived last Thursday evening and has been here for the past week, meeting our little Madeleine CaiQun and just hanging out with us for a visit. He’ll head back to Baltimore this evening, and my mom will arrive for a long weekend. It’s been so nice to have this time with my dad. We hadn’t seen him since Christmas, and both of the girls have really enjoyed his time with us. And we’re looking forward to seeing my mom again this evening, too!

Also, I am now the mother of a THREE-year-old, as Tuesday was Miranda’s third birthday.

Photos and more details to come soon 🙂 For now just an update to let you know that we are still alive…just enjoying our time with my dad!

And a follow-up note to my last post. I shared what I wrote there because I want to be real – this life is not all sunshine and roses. There are challenges to this phase of life, and there are hard days, and that, for me, is what those days often look like. However, the hard days are not the norm. Overall, we are doing well. I enjoy my time with Matt and my girls. My friend Jill and I are studying the life of Jesus together, and I’m learning and feeling refreshed by that. I am blessed beyond measure, and though there are hard, challenging times, most of the time I so appreciate all that I have and am enjoying these times!

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