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I’m fairly tired at the moment – this has been a good but strange week full of packing and unpacking and re-packing; traveling back and forth to various places; seeing friends, family, and co-workers; finishing up Christmas shopping; and some days of solo parenting. Matt’s big Christmas present from me this year was a 4-day personal retreat. He’s had an incredibly busy semester with little time for solitude and stillness, and I wanted him to have an opportunity to re-charge before we head into another full semester. Of course that means Miranda and I are without him for a few days, but we’re having adventures of our own and enjoying our time, too.

Anyway, the culmination of all of those things is that I am tired, so I’m hesitant to attempt to write much of anything substantial for fear that it will come out entirely disjointed and nonsensical. However, I would also like to keep any of you who are following along on our adoption journey informed 🙂 We’re moving along through the process!

Our I-800 was approved on Thursday, December 13.

That approval comes from the National Benefit Center, and they forward it on to the National Visa Center.

The National Visa Center then has to forward our file to the US Consulate in China, and before we can move on to the next step, we need a copy of the letter from them stating that they have done so.

Yesterday (Thursday, December 20) I was able to get a PDF copy of the letter (dated December 19), so we are making progress!

The next step is that our agency needs to drop off (hopefully this happened today) all of our paperwork with the US Consulate in China, and the US Consulate has to review our application requesting a visa for our child and issue our approval (called an Article 5). Usually this takes about 2 weeks.

Once that happens, the only remaining step is to wait for China to issue us an official invitation to travel, and then we’ll be able to schedule our trip to finalize our adoption of Madeleine CaiQun! We are hoping and praying to be able to travel mid-February. We’d love it if you’d pray with us.

I’ll keep you posted 🙂 And next time I post I expect to have more actual thoughts and photos for you!

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