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Around here, it feels like we’re hitting new developments each and every week. It wasn’t that long ago that I wrote last, but our little guy has already grown and changed so much. We have another pediatrician appointment in a couple weeks, and I can’t wait to see how big he is – because it seems like he is WAY bigger than he was just a few short weeks ago! He has started smiling and cooing, which is glorious 🙂

We’ve also been doing tummy time, which isn’t Atticus’s favorite activity, but he tolerates it.


Sleep is going pretty well. He definitely knows the difference between night and day, and while he wakes several times each night to nurse, he goes right back to sleep once his little belly is full, so we’re all sleeping pretty well. The routine-lover in me is looking forward to the days when his napping schedule is more predictable, but I’m trying not to wish away these sweet little baby days either 🙂

Both of our big girls are investing heavily in his language development. Miranda has been trying to teach him to say “hi” and was elated one day when one of his coos sounded close (in her estimation) to the word, and both girls love to read to him.


(Ignore the fact that this photo is of our bathroom. With 3 kids under 5, I take what I can get!)

Speaking of our big girls, one recent development is that they are each cultivating their own styles and preferences in terms of clothing, each of which is pretty unique. Miranda wears summer clothes every day – shorts and short-sleeve shirts – but will deign to put leggings on under her shorts if we’re needing to leave the house. And Madeleine CaiQun’s desire is to wear pajamas 24/7, preferably warm footie pajamas. I’m amused by all of it 🙂

Matt and I have been watching through Twin Peaks the last couple weeks, and it is CREEPY. Wow.

It’s still difficult to get things done around the house – we’re eating primarily freezer meals, which has been so helpful, and while I’m generally able to stay on top of laundry, Matt has been helping out quite a bit with dishes and other random tasks, and I’m trying to engage the girls more in staying on top of cleaning up toys and other areas in which they can (and should) take some responsibility. It’s hard for me not to be back to “normal,” but every week I feel more able to do things with all 3 kiddos. I’m trying to set manageable goals and use my time well, taking advantage of every spare minute, and staying on top of as much as possible. This past week I took all 3 shopping at both the Asian grocery store and Aldi and took everyone to gymnastics (which the girls continue to love), and those felt like major accomplishments!


We also did school every day this week. It’s definitely helpful for the girls to keep up with our structure and to have some attention from me – plus we enjoy what we’re doing with school right now – so we all appreciate being able to stick with the school routine.

While it seems like half the people we know here are either pregnant or have just had a baby, meaning there are tons of babies close in age to Atticus, we don’t know a lot of families around here with kiddos who are of similar ages as our girls, and we know even fewer home-schooling families. That has been somewhat sad to me – I’d love to have others with whom to connect and from whom to learn. But I had a great, encouraging conversation with one of my good friends from Chicagoland last night, herself a veteran home-schooling mom who hasn’t always been surrounded by other moms in similar places, either. She reminded me that Matt and I are really in this home-schooling thing together and can be an encouragement and support to each other. And I do have good friendships with other women from our church, and ultimately those bonds are based on our being daughters of the King, not the ages of our kids or our schooling choices, and we can all point each other toward Him, regardless of our stages of life. I’m so thankful to have these older women with whom I spent so much time in Chicagoland and who still offer so much encouragement and perspective when I need it!

Less encouraging, we tried giving Atticus a bottle, and he was entirely unimpressed.


We need to try again soon. These baby days will go by quickly, and I definitely want to treasure them – but I’d also love for it not to be a huge deal for me to be away from our little guy for more than a few minutes at a time for the entirety of the next year! So far it hasn’t been an issue at all, though, and I love being able to keep him close.

Really I’m enjoying my time with all of our sweet kiddos and with Matt. It has been so nice to have him home more during these past few weeks. The last couple days we’ve had great weather, too, so we’ve all been able to get out and take some walks together…


and let the girls ride on their plasma cars.


Life still feels somewhat crazy as we continue to settle into the realities of being a family of five, but overall I think things are going pretty well!

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