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I’ve talked over these past months about the needs of orphans worldwide, and while the primary need of many of these children is for a family, there is also a lot we can do to serve them where they are right now. One way in which we have the opportunity to serve the children in our daughter’s orphanage is to bring donated items to them when we travel (shipping is expensive, so the cheapest way to get needed items to an orphanage is to send them with traveling families). The orphanage where our daughter currently lives is, in particular, in need of children’s sweaters or socks or toys or shoes for children’s age few month to 4 years old.

Do you have any of those items you would like to donate (either new or very gently used)? Could you get them to me by February 10th? Alternatively, if you would like to contribute money toward the purchase of these items, I can also collect funds and make a trip to the store. We would love to fill a suitcase with donated items that the children still living at our daughter’s orphanage can use. Please e-mail (alisonballou AT yahoo DOT com) me if you’d like to send anything!

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