New Years Eve 2011

It’s New Years Eve 2011, and for the first time in years, Matt and I are just hanging out at home by ourselves. Well, Miranda is obviously here, too, but she’s asleep. To be honest, it’s kind of nice just staying in. I definitely love our times with friends…but we’ve had a good weekend so far getting things done and spending time together as a family, and that’s been nice!

I’ve been trying to reflect a bit on 2011, and it seems unbelievable to me that it’s been only one year since December 31, 2010. So much has changed in the last year. Primarily I’m thinking of my daily life with Miranda. A year ago she was still very much a baby – eating only pureed “solid” food, napping twice a day, babbling, and enjoying her fairly new abilities to sit by herself and crawl. And now…it’s hard even to describe the transformation. She’s her own little person. She knocks on doors and runs in and out of rooms, waving and announcing herself with a, “Hi, Mom!” or “Hi, Dad!” She looks for the moon and Jupiter every time we go outside and loves to talk about her friends and family who are also “out there.” She says hundreds of words and requests specific books and songs. She loves to cook in her new kitchen and is thrilled to have her own room now – quite frequently, as we’re climbing up the stairs, she yells with excitement, “Miranda room!” She now also goes to sleep on her own in her bed for both her afternoon nap and her bedtime, though she still comes into our bed at some point during the night, which, to be totally honest, I enjoy – she’s an adorable little snuggle-bug 🙂 I am totally in love with her and am so incredibly thankful that I get to be her mom and spend my days with her. Motherhood rocks.

And as we look toward 2012, I’m excited. I’m looking forward to more time with both Matt and Miranda, and I’m looking forward to officially commencing our adoption journey. I think my primary goals for this year are to –

– pursue a deeper relationship with God and seek out more time for reflection

– be more organized, both with my time and with my house (which will also facilitate my building deeper relationships with Matt and Miranda, as well!)

– go through this adoption journey well and in a way that honors God

I think it’ll be a good year 🙂

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