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I haven’t had a lot of time to write lately, meaning I now have many things about which I could update you! I thought I’d post a few random, miscellaneous tidbits tonight and come back later for some more in-depth posts about specific topics, hopefully within the next few days 🙂

First, most notable in our day-to-day lives, Miranda is now pacifier-free (as is CaiQun, though that’s less notable). I realize that Miranda is comparatively old to have a pacifier, and maybe I’ll get some judgment here for revealing that we’ve still allowed her to have it until now, but I want to be real, so I decided to share anyway. In the past, when we’ve attempted to move away from it, we’ve always experienced some early success, followed by dramatic crashing and burning. She hasn’t used them other than for naps and night-time sleep in quite a while, but those strongholds remained. We knew it was time to move beyond them, though, and life feels relatively stable right now, so it seemed like the right time. We tackled naps first and then bedtime about a week later. We had great success with naps – one day of no sleep, followed by consistent naps with minimal fussing. Bedtime has been much more difficult, and that’s been really hard for all of us, but we’re making significant progress. And as an added bonus, both girls have slept through the night in their own beds for the past 2 nights in a row! (This is an anomoly in our house. We don’t really mind, and thus we haven’t addressed it, but it’s still nice to get some full nights of uninterrupted sleep!)

Also of note, we found out last week that CaiQun qualifies (barely) for services through our state’s early intervention program, First Steps. I’m somewhat ambivalent about that but mostly pleased. Overall I think she’s making great progress in developing her motor skills and picking up English (she has over 15 words that she uses regularly and independently now and has started making 2-word combinations), and she really is adjusting well to life here. But the reality is still that she is behind where other kids her age are at developmentally. We think that’s primarily due to her spending the beginnings of her life in an institution, and we think she can catch up, but we want to make sure we’re doing all that we can to help her grow and develop. I’ll meet with a woman from the First Steps program next week to make a plan for what we want to work on over the next few months.

Just look at this awesome hair – what a cutie she is 🙂


Within the past week or two, I’ve started teaching Miranda some Bible verses. She’s been able to memorize sizable chunks of songs for quite a while now, and I realized one day that I could also be using this optimal memorization time to teach her some Truth. To be completely honest, I was also running out of lunch-time conversation topics. Our girls take forever to consume a meal, and I was having trouble maintaining conversation with two children under the age of three for our entire time at the table. Then my temptation is to pull up Facebook or Google Reader on my phone and zone out instead of really taking that time with my girls. I ordered a book of Bible verses that I saw listed on another adoptive mom’s blog, and Miranda loves it, and CaiQun is content to look at it with us. So far Miranda and I have memorized the “A” and “B” verses, and she loves reading the stories that go along with them. I’m really thankful we’ve been able to do this – it’s giving us more quality time and conversations, and my girls (and I) are being exposed to more Truth throughout the day.

The “B” verse is “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God” (Matthew 5:9). Miranda has very much internalized the contrast between a peacemaker and a troublemaker, and we’ve had a lot of conversations about what it looks like to be a peacemaker in various situations – most often related to her relationship with her sister, of course! Overall, they’re continuing to do really well 🙂


Yesterday I took both girls to see our pediatrician. In the last month + 6 days, CaiQun has grown 1.5 inches and gained 2 lbs. 7 oz. That’s amazing, my friends. I’m so happy that she’s getting the nutrition she needs and has been able to start getting caught up on her growth. We’re also getting her caught up on her immunizations, so she got 6 shots yesterday. Poor girl. She’s been feverish and lethargic today, but luckily we didn’t have anywhere we needed to be all day, so she could snooze on my lap when she needed to and take a long nap this afternoon. I’m hoping she wakes up feeling better in the morning.

Miranda also seems to be going through a growth spurt. It feels so strange to me to be filling her closet with size 3T clothes. I remember when she weighed less than 8 pounds! She’s growing into such a thoughtful, amazing big girl, though. I love this life, being a mom to her and Madeleine CaiQun. We get to do so many fun things these days. Tonight we built a train track and drove our trains all around it and really enjoyed ourselves.


And to end on something of a light note…I ate the last of my Skittles from China today. Now I want to go back.



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