Snow (Ice) Day / Homemade Pizza Day!

Our little Madeleine CaiQun loves pizza. She even requested it as her birthday meal last year. Unfortunately that attempt to go pseudo-homemade (with store-bought crust and ingredients but assembly at home) was not particularly appetizing. We’ll occasionally pick up a frozen pizza at the grocery store, but it’s very rare that we go out for pizza or order it to have here, so our poor child has primarily done without it for these last months. However, last weekend a friend gave me a pizza stone, and that combined with the realization that pizza dough had to be pretty simple to make in my bread machine (which is seriously one of the best gifts I’ve ever received – thank you again, Danny and Sharon!) was motivation enough for me to ask around and get some recipes and make an attempt at real homemade pizza.

The girls and I picked up some ingredients this week, and today seemed like the perfect day to give it a try. The combination of freezing rain overnight and a thin layer of snow thereafter meant that our church gathering for this morning was canceled. Unlike Wisconsin, where I was born and raised, Missouri possesses a lack of sufficient resources and an utter inability to cope with winter weather, so everything just shuts down. We really didn’t mind a day at home, though 🙂

We rolled out the dough…


…and added some of our favorite toppings.


And once it was finished…


…we put it into the oven to bake.


And of course, once it was done in the oven, we got to enjoy eating it together!


It was definitely a success! I see many more homemade pizzas of different varieties in our future.

Days like today are a blessing. This is the stuff of life. We have grand moments of births and adoptions and other excitement, and those are amazing, but most of life is what happens in the day-to-day. Who we are in those moments is who we really are. How I spend the hours of my days at home, how I interact with my husband and kids – those choices and experiences are key. I’m thankful for days like today that are low-key and full of shared experiences with Matt and the girls.

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