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Tonight some friends of ours threw a party for us to celebrate our upcoming adoption of Madeleine CaiQun. What a blessing. Good food, good friends, and a chance to celebrate and look forward together to this next wonderful addition to our family! They read some sweet passages from Madeleine L’Engle’s (our little Madeleine’s namesake) writings, prayed a blessing over us all, and they showered us with gifts. Many of these people are the same friends who showered us with gifts 3 years ago as we prepared for Miranda’s birth, and though our friends are not rich, and many have already contributed toward the costs of our adoption process, tonight they again blessed us with not only their presence and support and prayers, but also even more gifts.

shower gifts

And in addition to the above – which includes a car seat, some adorable matching outfits and pajamas for our girls, some airplane-appropriate art supplies, and a gift bag for Miranda – our Missional Community group collected money to buy a double stroller for us, and we received several gift cards, which will go toward purchasing the last of the supplies we need for travel! I also have several incredibly creative friends, who found the Chinese character for family and printed it out and had supplies for all of the guests to put their fingerprints on it, as members of the extended family who will be welcoming her home. I’ll have to post a photo of that once I have it framed and hung up – such a sweet idea! I of course did not take photos of it or of any of the party at all, so you’re left with just the photo above of the gifts we opened when we got home, but that will have to do for tonight.

It was such a fun evening, and we so appreciated the effort everyone put into making it happen and the many ways everyone sought to bless and encourage us as we prepare to travel to get our little girl.

We have been blessed with some awesome friends. Thank you all!

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