Obviously it’s been a while since I’ve posted. It turns out that I have still not mastered that ever-elusive ideal, balance. I have something of a history of being convinced that adding that one more great thing to my life is going to be amazing – and it is – but it obviously conflicts at times with the million other great things I already have occupying my time and energy. Oddly enough, adding a baby to my life has not made that struggle easier! In any case, blogging certainly fell by the wayside last month, but I’m hoping to be able to return with a bit more frequency.

Summer is well underway, and ours has been full of adventure. In May, Miranda and I tackled our first solo airplane trip and flew to Denver to visit my friend Marisa and her adorable new baby, Matson.

We weren’t particularly practically helpful – my toddler crawling around a not-yet-baby-proofed house was definitely enough to keep me on my toes – but we really enjoyed our time just hanging out with them, catching up with Marisa and her husband, Scott, and admiring little Matson.

A couple weeks later, our family of three flew out to New York to visit Matt’s side of the family and introduce Miranda to many of them for the first time. It was so good to see everyone – we had such a great time!

Miranda playing with her Aunt Denya - after we all enjoyed some ice cream, of course!
Matt and Miranda, Matt's mom, and Matt's sister Stacey and her baby, Averie
Miranda with her cousins, Cassilyn and Elisabeth and Averie, and her uncle, Destin

It’s hard living so far away from Matt’s side of the family and not getting to see them much – we so enjoy our visits, but they feel very few and far between.

We returned home at the end of May in time for Matt to prepare for a show at MACC and another show at 930 Art Center, the opening for the latter of which Miranda and I were able to travel with Matt to Louisville to attend. One thing I miss about pre-baby life (though overall I much prefer life with Miranda!) is being able to see most of Matt’s shows, so I really enjoyed getting to be there to see this one. Plus we got to visit our some of our good friends who now live in Louisville, which was such a fun, encouraging time.

Miranda and Ian sporting their babyleggs

After our trip to Louisville, we returned home – this time for over 2 weeks, which allowed enough time for a bit more than unpacking, doing laundry, and packing again – and now we’re back on the road again! This post is already rather picture-heavy, though, so I think I’ll leave the photos and details from this trip to another post 🙂

As full as this summer is of travel, we are also spending a lot of time and energy at home in Columbia. I’ve been taking a marriage counseling course through the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation and feel like I’m already learning a lot. One statistic our professor shared was that something like 80% of most counselors’ caseloads consist of marriage counseling. The counseling Matt and I do is primarily lay counseling within the church, so I’m not sure whether the same statistic would hold in that context, but the bottom line is that as our church grows, we need to be ready to see more and more couples going through tough times in their marriages and looking for help, and we want to be as equipped as possible to walk with them through their struggles. I think this class will be a big part of helping us grow in that area, and I’m really thankful for the opportunity to be part of it.

I’m also leading a study about body image for women in our church this summer. It’s been encouraging for me to revisit some of those ideas, reassess my own heart, and talk with other women about body image and related issues, and I’m hopeful about how God can use the rest of our time studying together this summer.

Matt and Miranda and I have also been able to spend some good time together. We’ve been to 2 weddings so far this summer (and we’re looking forward to our 3rd tomorrow!), and those are always fun reminders for Matt and me of our own wedding day and the joys of our marriage thus far. We celebrated our 8th anniversary this past June – it feels simultaneously like it could not possibly have been that long but also like it is impossible for our lives to be anything but united together. We’re having a good time together 🙂 While this summer has been full of big events and travels, we’re also doing a lot of not-as-exciting-sounding but important and good stuff. Matt and I have spent the last year or so reading through the Narnia books series together, and we finally finished the last book in June – such a fun, encouraging activity for our times together. Now we’ve started listening to the audiobooks of Harry Potter 6 and 7. We’re taking quite a few walks together, too, enjoying the weather and the opportunities for conversation. We also do quite a bit of just hanging out at home, marveling at the wonder of our child, and enjoying each other’s company.

Overall, I’d say we’re having a pretty good summer so far 🙂

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