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I’ll share more soon about our perspective on summer this year, but for now, I’ll just say that one of our major priorities is a great deal of fun time at the pool! Last year was the first year we worked with either of our girls at all toward learning how to swim, and they both loved our time at the pool, and both grew in their level of comfort in the water.


This summer they both have already grown a ton! Miranda started the summer totally comfortable in the water and having all the pieces to really start swimming on her own but not completely able to put them together. After 2 weeks of swimming lessons and days at the pool, plus one half-hour private lesson with her very favorite lifeguard, Lauren, our girl is swimming!

We want all of our kids to learn how to swim, but we aren’t interested in pushing them beyond what they’re ready for – we figure they’ll get it eventually! But Miranda SO wanted to be able to go off the diving board by herself this summer! When I offered to ask Lauren to do a private lesson with her, she jumped at the chance, and by the end of the lesson, she was going off the diving board and swimming to the side all by herself. The video above was taken later that afternoon. She is ecstatic, and I’m so happy for her 🙂

Madeleine CaiQun has grown a ton, too. Last year, any time we left the small, roped-off, 2-foot-deep area, she wanted to be wearing floaties and have me holding her tightly. Even with the floaties on, she was NOT interested in me letting go of her at all. She started off the summer a bit more comfortable but still not really anywhere close to swimming – when I’d give her a kickboard and have her kick, she usually actually moved herself slightly backward, a feat I wasn’t sure I could accomplish even if I tried! Now she’s starting to get those beginning swimming motions, and she’s getting more and more comfortable in the water!

It’s so great to see each of them growing and developing and gaining new skills and having fun. We’re very thankful for our pool and its awesome lifeguards and the opportunities both girls have had to move toward swimming independently – plus we all just enjoy ourselves there!

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