the big tree

We had dinner plans with some friends for tonight, but one of them got sick, so they had to cancel, and we decided to take advantage of our now-free evening. One of our friends told Matt about The Big Tree – apparently it’s well-known around here and comes well-recommended, so we loaded Miranda into the car after her nap and went for a drive.

The Big Tree did not disappoint.

Can you see Matt and Miranda?

Miranda enjoyed the novelty of being able to stand on a tree…

…as did Matt!

Miranda also thoroughly enjoyed running around…

…and gathering little flowers from the nearby field 🙂

I’m very thankful for my little family and the opportunities we have to spend time together like this!

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  1. i love the big tree:) what a fun way to spend a late afternoon. glad you could take advantage of the nice weather and some new found free time.

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