travel approval and travel plans!

Yesterday we received an e-mail from our agency that our Travel Approval (TA) had arrived – the VERY LAST approval we need in order to travel to China to get our little girl and bring her home! The last 30 hours or so have been a whirlwind – yesterday we needed to choose between the various travel dates suggested by our agency (it wasn’t really a difficult decision – we want to get our girl absolutely as quickly as possible), and I needed to talk logistics with my mom, whom we invited to travel with us. She’ll be joining us, and we’re so glad – she’ll be a huge help with Miranda especially!

Today we got our confirmed Consulate Appointment (CA), which is when we’ll take an oath at the US Consulate in Guangzhou and is the date around which all of our other travel must be based – and that meant I could finally book plane tickets! Prices have been steadily increasing over the last few months, more dramatically over the last couple weeks, so I was anxious to get all of that in place. We are definitely paying more than we had hoped, but the only alternative is to leave our daughter sitting in an orphanage for longer, so we’ll pay, and we’re going!

We’ll leave early in the morning on February 13th, spend a few days in Beijing recovering from jetlag, getting acclimated to China, and exploring, and then head to our little girl’s province on Sunday the 17th. On February 18th, we’ll meet our daughter, and from there on out she’ll be with us! We will finalize her adoption on February 19th, and after that we’ll have a few more official documents to wait for in her province, and then we’ll head to Guangzhou, where we complete the United States’ requirements for her entry into the country, and we will arrive home as a family of four late on Saturday, March 2nd!

I’ve checked a few things off my list today – purchasing tickets being the big one!

But there’s still a lot to do! Matt insists that a lot of it doesn’t really need to happen, and I shouldn’t stress out about it. However, I’m fairly confident that our lives will go more smoothly if a lot of these items are checked off the list before we leave – for instance, he is currently the only member of our family who sleeps in the same room where his clothes are located. Miranda’s clothes are in her new dresser in her new room with her big-girl bed, but she’s still sleeping in her crib in her old room, because Matt needs to fix the (non-technical term here) bar that the drawer slides onto for some of the drawers in her new dresser, so right now half the dresser drawers are spread out on the floor all around the room. My clothes are also in a dresser in Miranda’s new room, because with the coloring of the furniture we have, that dresser would go better in our room, and my old dresser would go better in that room, but we haven’t moved them yet. Madeleine Cai Qun’s clothes are in my old dresser (the one that is going to be moved into the room she will likely share with Miranda when she gets home). I think I at least would function much better if we all had our clothes in the appropriate rooms by the time we leave for China. Like I said, there’s a lot to do 🙂

I’m looking forward to working through it all and getting on that plane to go to China!!!


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